Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Texas Rally for Freedom

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We drove down that morning after about 4 hours of sleep!  We met with others at the Capitol grounds and marched with the Combat Vets for Ron Paul down Congress Ave!

Tom Woods, Author & Teacher

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Jack Hunter - The Southern Avenger

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Oh, and we had a Jimmie Vaughn concert, too! (one hour):

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Jimmie's encore: Down With Big Brother!

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We were hot and tired, can you tell??

Friday, May 18, 2012


Follow this link for the whole article:

First Things First: Key Questions Facing the Beginning Prepper

by Norse Prepper
What am I preparing for? Will I bug in or bug out? How will I defend myself, family and home? What will I eat? How will I heat my home? How will I keep clean? How will I produce light and electricity? How will I get information and communicate with the outside world? What skills do I have and items can I use to barter? How will I fight off boredom? These are but the tip of the iceberg of questions needing to be answered for when life as we know it comes to an end. When talking to and dealing with anyone new to prepping, please remember that they are entering a large and complex world where their decisions on what to do next could mean the difference between life and death. Help them to make a list of priorities and offer them advice on what the list should contain. This article is just a primer, but is more than what 99% of people have done to prepare themselves and their families for what is coming.
Also, please let me say thank you to Mac, the contributors and people who comment on the SHTFplan web site for helping me and my family prepare. You truly are today's patriots. God bless.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Texas State Rep. District 2 debate/forum report

Well, we were very appreciative of TAMU-Commerce hosting this event Tuesday evening.  I was sorry to see such a small crowd, and many were from Hopkins county (which is new to the district).  I passed out my card and asked to be notified sooner of any similar events in the future.  It was the first of its kind.  Hosted by the African American Leadership Conference  and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity.

I went into this with an open mind.  I didn't know much about George Alexander, having only seen him in one forum and met him very briefly once.  We helped get Dan Flynn elected when he first went to Austin and had supported him for many years.  I am always willing to take a hard look at those public servants who represent us.

 Mr. Alexander is not a polished politician.  That's refreshing. 

Mr. Flynn defended himself saying he wasn't a career politician, then asked us in his closing if we really wanted to send someone inexperienced to Austin?  Wasn't he inexperienced when he went a decade ago? 

Mr. Alexander did point out that Texas government spending has risen over 50% since Mr. Flynn took office.  AND we do have debt, our economic picture isn't as rosy as they would like us to believe.  I learned much of this when Debra Medina was running for Governor in 2009-10. 

Mr. Alexander admitted he didn't know everything and wouldn't pretend to.  He's a concerned citizen running for office to represent us. He has long time roots in the district.

Mr. Flynn listed his awards and recognitions from different organizations and his voting score with Empower Texans. (a side note that I think is funny...Flynn touts the Empower Texans score and Sen. Deuell discounts it.  I think we need to look at various issues and see how he's voted.  Also realizing that sometimes they support a bill knowing it will fail in the Senate and vice versa, so they can look good.  A lot of games are played in Austin.  It can be difficult to know what's really happening.  To get a fresh "outsider's view" check out  he was the freshman in the last session who really stood up for the people.  You can sign up for his email list.  He told us about getting called into the "principal's office" over his anti-TSA bill.)

Mr. Alexander mentioned  Mr. Flynn's record on some legislation  (for the TTC, against more transparency in the budget, against removiing the confidentiality of toll contracts, against managing control of our Texas environment, for the nursing home "granny tax" )  Some of these I was familiar with and others I was not. 

Mr. Alexander said that according to campaign finance reports Mr. Flynn has raised most of his money from special interests outside the district (around 1 Million in the last 10 years).  I confirmed this here:

The panel of journalists asked some really good questions.  I think it was all moderated very fairly. 

(GEUS videoed the forum held in Greenville on Monday night.  It might be available on the public access channel.)

To see more on each candidate:

I came across this website with lots of info.  Project Vote Smart

I hope this helps as you go to the polls starting Monday.

For Liberty and Justice for all,

Debbie McKee

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hunt County - Rails to Trails

Letter to the Greenville Herald Banner:

Why should I care about the Rails to Trails issue?
It doesn’t come through my property. I live on the other end of the county.  Well, if we don’t stand up for our neighbor’s freedom and God given rights who will stand up for ours when it’s our turn?

 I’ve heard people extolling the benefits of public access trails, but I wonder if those people have considered some of these issues.

1.      The land was deeded to the Railroad companies for a specific purpose.  When no longer needed by the railroad company the rights, ownership and control was supposed to revert BACK to the landowner whose property the rail line came through.  This is written in the original deeds.

2.      Rail Banking Act of 1983.  Just because the Federal government creates a scheme to give others the use of property taken by fraud doesn’t mean it’s lawful or legitimate.  Theft is still theft no matter who does it or how a “law” or “act” gets passed.  The railroad companies got to “write off” the “donation” of the land to the non-profit organizations to “use” until maybe the railroad companies wanted it back for future projects….

3.      Funding for projects such as these comes from our gasoline/hwy tax money.  10% is diverted for projects like this.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my gas tax burden lowered by 10% to use to pay for my gasoline and other necessities.  Or the money should be used for the highways, the original intent of the tax.

4.      The money is divvied out through agencies such as Texas Parks and Wildlife and TXDOT.  One stipulation is that if the project is opposed by the local political subdivision (the county commissioners’ court in this case, or a city council) the project will be denied funding.  So, there is something the county commissioners CAN do.  They like to say this is a federal issue and there is nothing they can do.  That just isn’t so.   

5.      Stopping this funding is the necessary first step to protecting the property of Hunt Co. residents and saving ALL of us money. 

6.      This is a cash cow for some powerfully connected folks and they will not be happy about the county opposing the project.

7.      So, let’s see which side our county commissioners take – will they protect the little guys or the powerfully connected who stand to lose millions? 

8.      Are the commissioners prepared to be personally liable if they do nothing to stop this and the property owners sue to regain proper control and ownership of their land? 

Don’t be swayed by the “possible economic benefits”, enriching our lives, promoting healthy lifestyles, etc.  This is land that BELONGS to your neighbors.  What right do you or anyone else have to hike, bike, or anything else on it without their permission?  What would you want your neighbor to do if you were in their position?  Come to your aid?  Stand up for your rights?  I hope so.  Let’s look out for each other. 

Debbie McKee

     Campbell, Texas