Monday, July 6, 2009

Declare Your Independence!!!

Thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out to Declare Your Independence! If it weren't so hot there would have been more of us and it would have been merrier, but I think we did well considering! We got a nice write-up in the Sunday paper with TWO photos! And it was encouraging to see all the new faces!
This is a true grassroots effort! Individuals taking personal responsibility to connect with like-minded folks and make our voices heard! We are building a community of concerned people who refuse to be apathetic any longer! We will spread the word and encourage others to get involved! We will concentrate on what we agree on and not let the parties or mainstream media divide us.
Preview article, July 3rd.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ our Declare Your Independence story Sunday, Herald Banner, two photos in the paper, only one online. Thank you Herald Banner for such great coverage!!! Thank you to Chik Fil A for the donation of sweet tea! And thank you to the man in the van who stopped by and gave us two cases of water!!!
Feel free to send me photos to post or post your comments on the blog! I'll add your names if you tell me which photo you are in.
This sums it up!
Make sure you sign in and take some info with you!!!

Carissa and Amanda - front page news!!!!

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