Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steve Tittle

Well, I've known Steve for several years and he's always been open and honest about the causes he stands for and the battles he's fighting.  The Herald Banner came out with misleading stories right before election season and it's clear from the "news" that's come out ever since that they were  protecting the establishment.  Doing the right thing has consequences. Threatening the pockets of the good old boys' system and trying to be a real fiscal conservative in a county of supposedly "conservative politicians" rubs people the wrong way as well. 

I've seen his opponent many times over the past 6 years in different settings and official capacities and he came across as having little integrity or character.  You can learn a lot watching how people react or conduct themselves in various situations. 

Has Steve made mistakes?  I'm sure he has, we all do.  Is Steve perfect?  No one is, but I trust him and I trust that he's tried to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, doing the right thing gets you enemies in this and probably every other county around...

Oh, and even if I knew nothing about either candidate or the can tell a lot by who the establishment supports and who they vilify.  Follow the money and those who stand to lose or gain the most.  It's pretty easy to figure out who the best choice is. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Debra Medina for Texas Comptroller

New statewide poll

shows we have a 13 point lead in the Republican primary race for Texas state comptroller...but we're 12 points from an outright win.  While this news has shocked political pundits and career politicians, it has provided tangible evidence to supporters all across the state that WE CAN WIN THIS RACE!  Let's double down and press for the win.

And the good news continues...I am thankful today to receive a formal endorsement from my good friend, State Representative David Simpson.  Read it here.


Here Are 5 Things
You Can Do

We have only 3 days of early voting left.  Given that time is short, our team has asked me to pass along this Top 5 list of things YOU can do to help me cross the finish line first and with 51% of the vote.  Whether you have a little time or a lot, there’s something on the list that you can do to help.


Top 5 Things You Can Do to Help Debra’s Campaign

5.  Make phone calls for Debra - If you have three hours to spare, Team Medina needs to add to the group that is calling voters to remind them about the race and about Debra.  We even have the technology (and guidance for what you might say) for making calls from home.  Contact us to get added to the program, and you’re about 4 clicks away from making calls!

4. Work an early vote location – if you have two hours to give, we could use your help holding Medina signs, handing out pushcards, and talking to voters about the Comptroller race.  Let us know where you can be at the polls, and we’ll get you everything you need!

3. Share Debra’s social media - If you have ten minutes to help, join the social media team!  We’re posting things about Debra constantly on the website and the Facebook page, so hit theLike and ‘Share’ buttons and spread the videos, the Medina Minutes, the stories, the Debra’s Did You Knows, the endorsements, and everything else you can share.

2. Make a donation - If you have just five minutes, visit the Contribute page and make a donation to the campaign.  Whether it’s $5, $50, or $500, your donation helps us reach more voters for Debra!

1. Remind your friends and family - If you don’t have much free time at all, you can still help – bring a friend to the polls to vote with you!  Or e-mail your friends and ask them to join you in voting for Debra.  Your endorsement is the most important one to the people in your circle!

Whatever amount of time you have to help, let us know by sending an email to and we'll plug you in!  Thanks so much for everything you are doing – let’s keep pushing towards the finish line!

Team Medina