Monday, April 27, 2009

from Tea Party Patriots website

“On April 15, 2009, at over 800 locations across this great country, the Tea Party Patriots gathered to protest government spending, bailouts, deficits and high taxes. The events were peaceful, patriotic and non-partisan, involving Democrats, Republicans, and many who no longer associate with any political party. All across the nation, people came out to protest against government irresponsibility and politicians who are no longer interested in the public good. A great wave is sweeping the nation.

One speaker summed it up well when he said, “For too long politicians have used party affiliation, social issues, and the intentional promotion of class warfare to divide the American people. They have caused Democrats to hate Republicans, conservatives to hate liberals, pro-life advocates to hate pro-choice advocates, and the list goes on and on. Using the strategy of divide and conquer, politicians of all parties have distracted the American people while they destroyed our economy, increased our taxes, and lined their own pockets and the pockets of the special interests to whom they are obligated. They have consolidated their power, to the detriment of the people they serve.

Many groups are trying to take credit for the Tea Parties, and many are trying to promote their own organizations by taking that credit.The credit belongs to the 1,000,000+ patriots who sacrificed work or family to come out to protest their lack of representation in the political system. The credit belongs to you, the Tea Party Patriots.”

(Unfortunately many of the events were taken over by a political party, some self-serving politicians, and media personalities. However, the bulk of them WERE true grassroots, patriot efforts. D.M.)

Thoughts on posting items and how we present ourselves

I just ask that whatever is posted be non partisan. We need to steer clear of divisive right /left arguments. We must work together, not drive folks away. Both sides are at fault (and most of us as well, for not standing up sooner!!!). Contrary to what some people think, the trouble didn't start in January!

We need to not look like a bunch of disgruntled Republicans (which is how the mainstream media paints us, media on the "left" and the "right"!!!). But what we are, honest, freedom loving Americans (from all parties or NO party) fed up with big government in all forms and fashion ( Right, Left, Socialist, Fascist, Corporatist, etc.), taking our money and our God given rights for decades.

We have a Facebook group as well photos or video can be posted there.

You can email me your BEST photos to be posted here on Northeast Texans Connect.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome and Thank You! (now let's get busy!)

I want to thank everyone for coming out and making our Tea Party such a success! I estimate we had over 300 people come by. Some stopped for a while, some just dropped a tea bag or message off. We had some great coverage from the Herald Banner.

Pat Abramson took lots of photos I hope to have posted here very soon. I appreciate your patience, I was reluctant to take this on because I’m so busy with other projects, but I’ll do my best and hopefully I’ll find a few dedicated helpers, as well!

The notices will probably come in spurts, depending on what is going on with our government at the time. You may not hear from me for a while and you may get a couple of notices in a day, it will just depend. (It will be busier at first.) To get started send me an email


We came out today, now what???? Let’s keep this ball rolling! This is just the beginning, folks!!!
Please commit to these things:

1. Educate yourself - start with the Constitution, Bastiat’s the Law, Austrian economics, our monetary system, true history, not government schools‘ propaganda.

2. Stay connected for future events, demonstrations, educational, legislative alerts, etc.

3. Set differences aside, we won’t all agree on everything, but we must come together and WORK together where we can agree. This will be NON or TRANS PARTISAN.

4. Tell others! We must step outside our comfort zones, we must reach people! Carry flyers around with you to give to people you come in contact with.

5. Call one of your legislators each weekday. We have 2 US Senators, 1 State Senator, 1 US Representative, 1 State Representative. Call one of them every day. Call about current alerts or ongoing projects that we need them to co-sponsor. Or just to tell them you are watching their voting record! It can be easier to contact their local offices, if it’s really urgent, call both!

6. Write one snail mail letter each week to one of those legislators. There are online tools that make this easier.

7. Show up to local city council meetings, commissioner’s court meetings, school board meetings, request transparency in spending. Just our presence will let them know we are watching!

Some helpful websites to accomplish these things: (some have alerts you can receive)
Google Bastiat’s the Law and read online only 70+ pages or try the library