Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts on posting items and how we present ourselves

I just ask that whatever is posted be non partisan. We need to steer clear of divisive right /left arguments. We must work together, not drive folks away. Both sides are at fault (and most of us as well, for not standing up sooner!!!). Contrary to what some people think, the trouble didn't start in January!

We need to not look like a bunch of disgruntled Republicans (which is how the mainstream media paints us, media on the "left" and the "right"!!!). But what we are, honest, freedom loving Americans (from all parties or NO party) fed up with big government in all forms and fashion ( Right, Left, Socialist, Fascist, Corporatist, etc.), taking our money and our God given rights for decades.

We have a Facebook group as well photos or video can be posted there.

You can email me your BEST photos to be posted here on Northeast Texans Connect.

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