Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steve Tittle

Well, I've known Steve for several years and he's always been open and honest about the causes he stands for and the battles he's fighting.  The Herald Banner came out with misleading stories right before election season and it's clear from the "news" that's come out ever since that they were  protecting the establishment.  Doing the right thing has consequences. Threatening the pockets of the good old boys' system and trying to be a real fiscal conservative in a county of supposedly "conservative politicians" rubs people the wrong way as well. 

I've seen his opponent many times over the past 6 years in different settings and official capacities and he came across as having little integrity or character.  You can learn a lot watching how people react or conduct themselves in various situations. 

Has Steve made mistakes?  I'm sure he has, we all do.  Is Steve perfect?  No one is, but I trust him and I trust that he's tried to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, doing the right thing gets you enemies in this and probably every other county around...

Oh, and even if I knew nothing about either candidate or the can tell a lot by who the establishment supports and who they vilify.  Follow the money and those who stand to lose or gain the most.  It's pretty easy to figure out who the best choice is. 

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