Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is Hegar conservative?

Hegar & Sullivan Flee from RER! Why?
        Will Not Give a Justification for Nonsensical Endorsement. 

Hegar a conservative?  Really?
Team RER is completely baffled at why any fiscal conservative would endorse or vote for State Sen. Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) for Texas Comptroller.  Take a look at his scores from Empower Texans -- or, any other trusted scorecard -- and the mystery is affirmed.  Sen. Hegar is NOT a conservative.  Simply stating one is a conservative and plastering the word all over your campaign literature, TV ads, and email doesn't make it so.

With these scores from Empower Texans, why would Michael Quinn Sullivan (head man at Empower Texans) endorse Mr. Hegar?

Even more curious, why won't MQS stand still and give a flat-footed, full-throated reasoning for the endorsement?  In fact, Mr. Sullivan ran away from the opportunity to do.

Even more curious, Sen. Hegar will not answer the question of why he flat out lied to RER when he stated that "no money" had changed hands between his campaign and endorsing organizations?

Why are they fleeing?  Why won't they answer the questions? Why the continued standing on deception?

Is Team RER making it up?  Listen to the actual audio.  We DON'T make stuff up!


Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani
President & CEO

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