Friday, May 7, 2010

Tax Day 2010

We had faithful folks who've been to each of our local demonstrations and lots of newcomers as well. About 100 total, many just saw us and stopped to see how they could sign up and get involved. That's always VERY encouraging!!! AND the main reason we chose the spot we did, lots of traffic!!!
I don't believe in hiding my ideology!

So many materials to look at!!!

Sweet, dedicated ladies!

Getting to know our like minded neighbors!

Cory! Such a trooper!

Venessa, thanks for bringing the kiddos!!!

Great family fun!!!!

We're NOT going to take it!

The basic message that got many people involved recently.

Later that evening we headed to Addison for the late closing post office. Not as many late filers as usual. Hmmm, maybe they didn't have jobs or money to pay their taxes??? We had a good time though and had some good conversations. Some of us focused on the income tax being unconstitutional, others focused on the fact that all the money we pay in income tax goes to pockets of the banksters.

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