Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Constitution Day Celebration/Education/Demonstration!!!

sign ideas below!!!

Keep to the issue please folks!!! Nothing personal or insulting. We are promoting our Constitution and history!! If you call in to local radio stations, mention this event, please!!

What: Constitution Day Celebration!!!

Who: Greenville Area Patriots, Northeast Texas Liberty Campaign and concerned citizens

When: 3:00 – 6:00 PM Friday, September 17th 2010.

Where: Corner of Wesley Street and Kari Lane in Greenville (NW corner of Hwy 34 and I-30)

Why: We are celebrating the 223rd anniversary of our US Constitution! We want to encourage Americans to learn about the precious document our founders wrote to govern our government and secure our liberties. We will promote an upcoming class series to learn about the US Constitution and gather signatures for our state government to push back against UNconstitutional Federal acts. We want to encourage any military members- active or retired, peace officers, any public officials who have taken an oath to support and defend the US Constitution to come and learn about becoming “Oathkeepers”.

Some ideas for signs: ( Anything that can help inform people about the Constitution.)

Get a Free Constitution!!! ( we want people to stop)

Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Acts!!!

Keep Your Oath


Free Constitution classes!!!

Sign the Petition to Austin!!!

DC - Don't Mess With Texas!!!

223 years old - our Constitution needs resuscitation!!!

Our Constitution Protects God Given Rights

Our Constitution CHAINS down Government

If our Government followed the Constitution they wouldn't be plundering US!!

Big Government = Socialism/Fascism = Treason

Constitution Day!!! September 17, 1787

ANY unconstitutional law/bill/spending is TREASONOUS!!!

Unconstitutional = NULL and VOID

9th and 10th Amendments - PUSH BACK DC!!!

make signs listing our freedoms like:

Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Privacy
Freedom of Religion
Right to Trial by Jury
etc. etc.

Bring water and snacks, a lawn chair and umbrella (for shade or the slight chance of rain) for comfort if you like!!!

See you there!
Debbie McKee
Greenville Area Patriots
Standing in the G.A.P.

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