Friday, October 15, 2010

Rockwall "tea party" event in Greenville?

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Dear Editor,

Well, the “Rockwall tea party rally” last night got off to a late
start. After a long session of listening to elected public servants
and candidates or their representatives, I was beginning to wonder
whether we’d ever get to the Q and A which was the main reason many of
us chose to attend. Almost two hours later the Q and A began which
was moderated by John Stacy, who did a great job. There were some
really good questions asked.

Some people were surprised to find that the event was not put on by me
and wondered why Rockwall would host an event in Greenville.

The best things I heard were from Rep. Jodie Laubenberg District 89,
Rockwall, she agrees that we should tell DC no about the Federal
health care mandate and that Texas should take care of Texans. She
also mentioned something I’ve been stressing - the importance of
showing up during the session. And from David Simpson, candidate from
District 7 - Longview, who won a real David and Goliath primary race
and has no formidable challenger this November. He spoke of the
importance of returning to the PROPER, LIMITED role of government and
more important than how to reform taxes is reducing spending. He
briefly mentioned choice in education. Let the money flow to good
schools and good teachers. Without competition in education we will
continue to suffer from mediocrity. We can increase teacher pay by
cutting out some non-teaching positions.

Our Rep. Dan Flynn, District 2, answered one of my questions about the
procedure and criteria to review and eliminate agencies and programs.
He has served on the Sunset Advisory Commission in the past.

So the work continues - educate yourself and others, show up, keep the
pressure on them. We will reap if we faint not.

The Greenville Area Patriots continue to meet every Monday at 6 PM at
the Greenville Public Library. “Securing the Blessings of Liberty:
An Examination of the US Constitution” is our current program. Our
meetings are free and open to all. Contact or
903.862.2214 for more info.

Debbie McKee
Greenville Area Patriots

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