Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stench remains

This letter was writen by Rene Krause and published on November 24, 2010

To the editor:

In regard to ”Hope” and “Change”

If you believe the results from the recent election won you a victory, then think again! All it did was stall the Republican propaganda machine, wherein they will eventually re-tool for another day.

Harry Reid won re-election in a state where illegal immigrants were allowed to vote.

I mention this, because who in their right mind would re-elect someone that took them from 4 percent unemployment to 14 percent; and then collapsed their housing market while driving up their personal income costs to record levels to pay for the illegal invasion sweeping across Nevada?

Most major cities today, particularly in states like New York, California and New Jersey have already undergone major “transformation.” (California - $ 26 billion in the hole; NY - $21 billion and NJ - $18 billion) All are bankrupt or near bankruptcy and the entire nation is heading in that same direction.

Federal Socialists, engineered the greatest debasement of this nation via the revised Immigration Act of 1965. The Democrats sponsored that legislation. It was driven by the Kennedys and LBJ, along with a consortium of high level Democrats that went on to pass it in both houses. This Revised Act opened our borders to total saturation from the Third World and ultimately corrupted America’s landscape. The social and political impact that this would have would eventually bring profound “change” to America.

If I remember correctly, the Republicans, as far back as 1987 were complicit in passing legislation that provided amnesty to the three million illegals that were here then, with promises of “shoring up the border.” Instead, we got seven times that amount over the next 23 years, along with all the social, educational and criminal problems.

The last Republican administration favored “comprehensive immigration reform” for migrant workers needing jobs … those, the fat lazy American just wouldn’t do. (How’s all that unemployment working for you?) This latest type of “immigration reform” also impacted our medical communities.

HealthCare was recently “reformed” to accommodate the added “population growth,” at the expense of every American.

It is this incremental but very deliberate dilution process that has contributed to America’s transformation, and it’s been going on for decades!

And upon the federals mantle of Socialism, both Democrats and Republicans have accelerated their “global initiatives” via unconstitutional free trade agreements. Their ideology has nothing at all to do with “Human Decency”; it has everything to do with Corruption, Manipulation and Federal Expansion of Power.

Our nation’s greatest “hope” has been compromised away in the name of “human decency.” “Human decency” is the shield used to hide behind what really motivates the federal government.

Politicians, along with the Congress come and go, but from the looks of the last election, the stench of their ‘One World’ creations will remain indefinitely.

Rene Krause

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