Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Property rights battle! Stand with the landowner in Paris, Texas this Friday!

Should a privately owned foreign company be allowed to seize land from Texas landowners to use for their private profit?

This is a landmark case, it could decide whether or not companies such as TransCanada can exercise the "right of eminent domain" in Texas.

Join us Friday at noon if you can (hearing starts at 1:30 pm) at the Lamar county courthouse 119 North Main to stand with the landowner. We MUST NOT be outnumbered by union workers hired by TransCanada to show up in force! They did that in Houston and Austin for the hearings. Bused in lots of them to try to shut us out...... This hearing concerns the temporary restraining order the landowner filed against TransCanada. It was standing room only last Friday, so come early to get a seat!

Do you own land? Or know others who do? Take a stand for ALL of us and our children....

Debbie McKee (a notice below with link to sign a petition and an article from the Star-Telegram at the bottom of the email)

from IndyTexans:
Thanks to many of you who moved so quickly to support Julia Trigg Crawford and family. Their efforts to maintain a temporary restraining order on TransCanada's trenching of their property in NE Texas for the Keystone XL pipeline, without any federal nor state approval, is still in place. BUT the hearing continues this Friday in Paris.

CONTINUATION HEARING on Temporary Restraining Order: THIS coming Friday, Feb. 24, Paris, Texas, 1:30 pm. There will be no protest, but we hope some of you can help fill the courtroom of Lamar County Courthouse, 119 North Main- Paris, Texas. We will listen and hope that the court does the right thing.

No matter where you live in Texas, please click on this link to sign the petition calling for state of Texas public hearings on eminent domain abuse and then Facebook it to your Texas friends and family -- or just forward this entire email to them with a note asking them to sign.

Note: A legal defense fund is getting established for the Crawford family. Watch for those details as their full case comes to trial in April.

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