Friday, April 13, 2012

Upcoming county conventions - letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

Many of the folks in Hunt County probably have no idea of the importance of events taking place this coming Saturday, April 21st. The local Republican and Democrat parties will hold conventions. The Republicans at Greenville Middle School Auditorium at 3611 Texas Street: Precinct conventions at 8:30 and the county convention will follow at 10 am. I was unable to find the details on the Democrat party convention on their website and couldn't reach the county chair at the time of this writing.

You must be registered to vote to be eligible to participate. Out of town college students can participate in the Republican convention where they reside as long as they bring their voter registration card (or print out of the voter roll from their home county) and fill out a registration card to change their registration to Hunt county or prove they have registered in any Texas county (by print out or receipt) and will be eligible to vote in the upcoming May 29th primary. This has just been clarified by the state Republican party counsel. I don't know about the Democrat party rules on this issue.

If you think things are going just fine in our county/state/country stay home and sleep in. If you want to influence the direction, the players, the gate keepers, the agenda, the system you must get involved - come join us.

If you understand that politicians are grown from the local party and want a say in our future - come join us.

If you understand that corruption in government is tolerated because corruption in the parties is tolerated - come join us.

If you think parties and politicians should play by the rules - come join us.

Help us hold the party accountable so the party can then in turn help us hold our elected public servants accountable.

Our future and that of our children and grandchildren is at stake!!!

Debbie McKee


McKee Family said...

Fabulous letter! It would get me there.

(from the Tarrant County Liberty Campaign meetup)

Lifting Liberty said...

I appreciate your work in hunt county Debbie

To me the key to cause change in great numbers is to reach the social conservative and not to overcome them. Not that I am in a stance of accusation to you, but I know many libertarians down in Austin that feel they are the enemy. I instead see them as an opportunity once they understand the principles that cause liberty and freedom.

Social Political Conservatives believe in legislating a moral society and dont understand that the rule of law was intended to protect liberty instead of using it to shape society to a Biblical moral framework. This is not new of course and theocracy through the ages have caused countless men and women to be burned alive and beheaded once moral law empowered despots to do their bidding.

The question to me is, how can we as libertarians, break through on principle to social political conservatives that theocratic political ends, lead to mass crimes against humanity as despotism reveals its deadly and assured work?

How can we "win" them over with principle? And how can we reach them where they are with the truth so that they can have peace that their children and grand-children will know freedom and prosperity.

This is one of my missions to reach them for future conventions.

thank you for spreading awareness for a constitutional america! Its thankless work and many cant see principles of freedom when its right in front of them.

God Bless