Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grassroots DVD for Debra Medina

Northeast Texas Liberty Campaign and Greenville Area Tea Party put together the FIRST grassroots DVD of Debra Medina's speeches and interviews. Thanks Aja for all your hard work!

We handed some of these out the other night when Debra was in Greenville, several people said they'd make copies and pass them out.
Link to the .ISO file that you can burn onto a DVD. http://tiny.cc/dRe6f
On our label we put in small print at the bottom, that it was a grassroots project, not affiliated with the campaign. We also included her website.

If you can't download and burn a copy, pick one up at the Book Nook. Then make copies and pass them around!!!!! If you live too far out from Greenville, you can contact me and I'll drop one in the mail. netxlc@gmail.com

There are plenty of videos to watch on her Youtube channel.

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