Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I (Debbie McKee) spoke for Debra Medina at our GOP club forum last night. I was asked to speak first and that's probably a good thing, then I wasn't fretting and getting more nervous all night! I tailored my presentation for the audience I knew I was addressing. I did receive the appropriate chuckles and a little applause during the speech, and did a pretty good job. I'm not comfortable with public speaking, but I did it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good evening, I’m Debbie McKee, Hunt County volunteer coordinator for the Debra Medina campaign for governor. She sends her regrets that she was unable to be here tonight. She will be in Greenville and Sulphur Springs next week, so I hope you’ll take the opportunity to meet and visit with her in person then. I’ve known Debra for 2 years now.

I’ve known her to be a woman of wisdom and integrity, and not afraid to speak truth to power. In fact, that boldness has earned her some enemies. Debra must be considered a threat, because you wouldn’t believe some of the outrageous lies we’ve heard. I’ve also heard that if you aren’t a target, then you aren’t on the right track. Debra must be on the right track.

Debra grew up on a farm in Beeville, she milked cows and gathered eggs among other farm chores all her growing years. She learned the value of hard work and that your word was your bond.
She worked as a registered nurse, started and still runs her own medical billing/consultation business, is a cattle rancher and she home schooled her two grown children.

She’s been working hard during this campaign. Criss-crossing the state with multiple events each week and each day. Keeping up her medical billing business and studying policy and meeting with key people in between.

When she heard one of the lies that’s being spread (that Perry was funding her campaign to harm Kay’s run) she just laughed! Well, if he is, then he isn’t doing a very good job was her answer! It wasn’t long before we heard another version of the same lie (that Kay was funding her campaign to harm Perry!) It’s incredible the things people will come up with and that others will fall for.

Truth is, this has been a shoe string campaign, we don’t have the millions from special interest groups that will expect favors in return. But we have an ever growing army of excited Texans who are working hard to get someone like us, someone who represents our best interests into office. Money can buy media and favors, but money doesn’t vote.

I urge you to do the research yourself, don’t take others’ word for it when you hear something negative about her positions on the issues. You owe it to yourself and to your fellow Texans to do due diligence and make a truly informed decision.

Here’s something not everyone pays attention to and we haven’t heard from our governor.

Did you know that spending on socialized health care in Texas has doubled in the last 8 years - eating up one third of our budget? Did you know that our bonded debt has almost tripled as well? How can we say the picture is rosy when we can barely make our credit card payments? And we took billions of that bailout money to “balance” our budget last year?

We need leadership that will let us know what the state of Texas really is and help us get things turned around before we find ourselves like California. Leadership that is willing to stand up and tell the FEDS no, you’ve overstepped your bounds. We will not have Obamacare or Tax and Trade in TEXAS. It’s up to Texas to decide what is constitutional NOT the Federal Supreme Court. Read Jefferson and Madison about that. It’s called nullification and thousands of Texans will be in Austin this Saturday calling Perry and our state legislators to get busy on this. At least a dozen other states are preparing to do the same thing.

I’ll briefly mention two of her points. We are not truly a free people if we can’t own our property (we lease it from the state) or if our inalienable rights are chipped away (what part of shall not be infringed includes licenses and registration?). We have drifted far from our moorings and we need to get back to the place our founding fathers secured for us. If you want more info about where she stands on the issues, please see http://www.medinafortexas.com/ and her you tube channel medina for Texas. You will find pages of info and dozens of interviews and speeches to help you make an informed decision.

Remember also that she will be in Greenville on the 20th and Sulphur Springs on the 19th. Also, Debra will be included in the KERA debate this Thursday evening at 7 PM.

As discontent with self-serving politicians grows it is VITAL that we clean house in MARCH, otherwise we are very likely to see that the 40% of Texans who consider themselves independent will clean house in November.

The question isn’t can Debra win in March, the question needs to be who can win in November? Texans are ready for REAL change.

Thank you for your time.
I’ll be around to answer your questions.

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