Friday, February 26, 2010

(The letter that the editor probably won't print, but I just had to write them and thought I'd share with you. Food for thought, anyway.)

Mr. Editor,
When the mainstream media ignores, labels as crazy or not viable the REAL statesmen/public servants who truly desire to serve the people and instead serve up the career politicians for us to choose from over and over again, it’s a shame. It’s also a shame that more people haven’t caught on.

Rick and Kay have each been telling us for months now why we shouldn’t vote for either of them- so how many of you will support the candidate who takes the high road and focuses on what we need to do in Texas to keep us from economic disaster and restore our God given rights and liberties?

Debra Medina has been fighting to:

~Restore our property rights -eliminate the rent we pay to the government
~Restore our gun rights - shall not be infringed
~Restore the right to life - from conception to natural death
~Restore the rule of law - so that ALL are equal under the law
~Protect property rights by protecting our borders
~Protect Texas from unlawful Federal actions/unconstitutional laws

We have a real choice this time. A people’s candidate or more of the same career politicians.
Which will you choose for Liberty and Justice for all in Texas?

Debbie McKee


Anonymous said...

I have noticed something as I have been going door to door. Young people with young children seem more excited to get the Debra Medina information then the older folks.

I plan on doing door to door this week end and am planning to take vacation the 1st and 2nd so I can be at the polling place all day. But I am tired of getting the same results and vow not to stop fighting until we get good conservative people in all our public offices that are committed to working for us.


Anonymous said...

Debra I agree with 100% I've known and watched her for over 2 years. Not long, but you don't just 'get the convictions' she embraces 'overnight'. She's had to have done a lot of row hoeing to have been able to develop the Positive Growth on the Tree of LIBERTY that she has. Her cultivation is of the land and is supported by one heck of a 'Grass Roots' Campaign.
I've met and talked to the Campaigner 'Rick' many times since 1989. It's definately time for him to go. KBH doesn't even need any consideration. To me, She's proved her incompetence in Congress (What's the opposite of Progress)
-Rick D.