Friday, February 26, 2010

(By the time this is(or if it is) printed, it may be too late, but I feel it’s my duty to write it anyway.)

Mr. Editor:
I, for one, am very disappointed by the way our Congressman has conducted himself in this campaign.

To claim he’s been lied about and say he won’t sling mud and then to proceed to do just that is dishonorable.

To claim he is for term limits and stay in office for 30 years is laughable at best. If he really believed in the principle then he would have term limited himself one or two DECADES ago.

To say he’s a tea party guy when the only contact I (organizer of the Greenville Area Tea Party) had from him was when he called requesting an endorsement is insincere at best. Nine months after we held our first tea party here and delivered hundreds of tea bags and messages to his office he called to plead for my endorsement. He offered to put on an event and pay for everything. Tried to tempt me with publicity and crowds. I was disgusted and would have no part of it. If I hadn’t had a prior engagement (which he knew I had) I would have attended and asked him some hard questions.

So, I had decided I could not support him before I even met the candidate I did choose to support. (It was a difficult decision, there are some fine men running.)

A man who sincerely wants to serve the people. A man who understands the Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers. A man who supported Ralph in the past with his money and friendship only to have him turn on him when it was clear he was a real threat to his re-election.

Steve Clark is that man I gladly cast my vote for.
Debbie McKee


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Ralph Hall, Debbie!

I would have supported him again, as I have done in the past if I had not known this!

Thanks again for sending this out!


Anonymous said...

I plan on doing Door to Door this week end and am planning to take vacation the 1st and 2nd so I can be at the polling place all day. But I am tired of getting the same results and vow not to stop fighting until we get good conservative people in all our public offices that are committed to working for us.


Anonymous said...

Ralph, I guess I'm a bit prejudiced, as I've actually watched him over the years and discussed many an Idea with him and watched it after. He even helped me a few times, My Dad has a page in the Federal Register, because of his assistance. Got flowers within 24 hours of my Moms passing.I don't agree with him on a whole lot of things. Yes, It might be good for him to retire.
I've not seen much of Steve, heard some stories pro and con. Met him once. He did have a positive demeanor. BUT he said he was running 'with' not against Ralph. Sat across the table and discussed it with him. I don't know.
I guess mudslinging is part of a Campaign (isn't this a military term) as well as infiltration into the opponents camp.
Let the Battle for the Primaries, BEGIN
Voters, mark your ballots!

-Rick D.